In-House Shot Peening

GT can provide any shot peening requirements and applications available in almost all industries, including marine, aerospace and oil and gas. Our shot peening processes have been rigorously tested and our quality excellence has been approved by the strict requirements of various aerospace OEMs, and Nadcap.

Shot peening is a procedure used primarily to increase the fatigue life and prevent stress, corrosion, and cracking of metal components.

In shot peening, the surface of the finished component is bombarded with round steel shots in custom built machines under fully-controlled conditions. Every piece of the shot acts as a minute peening hammer. When the surface has been peened by the abundance of impact shots, the resulting compressed surface layer is highly resistant to the formation of stress cracks.

It is well known that a crack will not expand into a condensed layer. Fatigue and stress corrosion failures usually originate at the surface of a component, the layer of condensed stress generated by shot-peening produces a significant increase in the functional life of the component. The maximum condensed residual stress produced at or near the surface is at least as great as half the ultimate tensile strength of the material.

Shot peening is used to eradicate failures of present designs, or to allow the use of higher stress levels, which in turn, allow weight reduction properties to be incorporated in new designs.

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